Hawke’s Bay Vapour


Hawke's Bay Vapour

I’m Michael and I moved to Hawkes Bay from Adelaide in early 2014 to get away from the rat race. I first tried vaping in 2012 and spent a lot of time and money on vape gear and liquids trying to find what worked best. When I arrived in Hawkes Bay a lot of people asked me about what I was doing and very soon I was using my experience to help people get started in vaping.

As I was spending more and more time putting together starter kits and showing people how to use them I decided to pursue it further and Hawkes Bay Vapour was born. Our aim is to provide New Zealanders with quality vaping gear at competitive prices. 

We’re not only interested in selling you vape gear, we also want to help you learn more about vaping and what it can do for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about vaping, whether or not you are a Hawkes Bay Vapour customer.

We use every product we sell at Hawkes Bay Vapour, and we are in the process of publishing staff reviews on all products. We also will take a look at and repair any vape gear you are having a problem with, whether or not you bought it from us.

247 Ruahine St
Palmerston North

245 Emerson St

318 Heretaunga St West

274 Oxford Street

115 Ruataniwha St

12 Bledisloe Road

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